Transmission and distribution

You took the items and pay on delivery!

  • 1st Prices include 22% value-added tax on items.


  • 2nd We are liable to pay a monthly value added tax.


  • 3rd Shipping costs depend on the weight of the package, namely in the price of Post of Slovenia.


  • 4th When entering the buying consignment Post of Slovenia fee charged for mail transfer proceeds according to their current price list. This is the amount of 0.96 euro and include VAT.

Shipping costs to purchase the business are:

- 2kg package to 4.80 euro

- Pack of 2kg to 5kg 5.70 euro

- A package of 5kg to 10kg 6.80 euro

Prices include VAT.

Payment under the invoice is not paid odkupninskega services business, which amounts to 0.70 euro.

Prices are valid from 1.1.2016.